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Cello Q10 - ₦ 14,700

Category - (VITANATURE)

Prescription - 1 Softgel daily

Warning : If you are Pregnant, Nursing, Taking any Medications, Planning any Medical Procedure or have any Medical Condition, Consult your Doctor Before Use.

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Cardiovascular Disease - CoQ10 helps in cases of heart failure and recovery from heart surgery. it has also proven to help improve heart function.

Neurological Disease - 100 mg of CoQ10 3X daily has proven to decrease the frequency of Migraine headaches by 30% and the number of days with headache related nausea by 45%. It has also been proven to helps slow symptom progression in people with early Parkinson's Disease but with 300-2400 mg daily intake of CoQ10 for 16 Months.

Alzhemier - CoQ10 can protect the heart from oxidative damage during Chemoterapy because it can counteract some of the necessary effects of Chemoterapy.