KEDI got registered by Corporate Affairs Commission and got approval from National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) in 2006 and started operation same year.
KEDI Healthcare industries Nigeria Limited is wholly owned subsidiary of KEDI HEALTHCARE INDUSTRIES COMPANY (Hong Kong) Ltd. KEDI imports raw materials from China while the packaging is done in Nigeria by an Indigenous company - Fidson Healthcare PLC.
KEDI is a network marketing company that produces healthcare equipments and healthcare products which are divided into two categories Life Essentials : Golden six, Reishi, Cordy Royal Jelly, Vigor Essential, Cordy Active, Refreash (Herbal Tea) etc. Special Solutions: Magilim, Revive, Golden Hypha, Qinghao, Constilease, Gastrifort, Colon Cleanser (Herbal Tea) etc.
KEDI products are nutritional supplements produced into capsule form. They are useful for all forms of health disorders ranging from Diabetes, Stroke, Menopausal syndrome, Infertility, Hypertension, Impotency, Asthma, Cancer, and Fibroid etc.
These are Values used for calculation in KEDI Business.
  • PV simply means Point Value, used to determine distributors’ status.
  • BV means Bonus Value, used to calculate distributors’ bonus.
Most companies come from overseas and import their product 100% from their home country. KEDI Healthcare is different, they employ different approach, brings in raw materials from China and manufacture here in Nigeria by Fidson Healthcare PLC. They have acquired a space at Lekki Free Trade Zone for Phase two of their production expansion in Nigeria.
All KEDI Distributors will be allowed to place new distributors who are introduced by himself/herself under any of his/her.
Yes, there is a cost of N1000 plus your registration form. Make sure you come with an Identification material, i mean first page of your print out or one or more KEDI bonus slips you have collected. It is also important you include your registration form.
Yes, it is not mandatory. If you buy your monthly point value, you will collect your product and your bonus immediately at KEDI office. But if you didn't buy, you will collect your bonus as well for the month. KEDI will make an automatic withdrawal of the qualifying point value product when you present your bonus pay slip at the store you are collecting your bonus or at KEDI Head Office.
This is natural health supplement, it should not replace recommended medication. Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are good for preventive purposes and for some conditions which seems impossible with all kinds of medications. The reason for this is that when a degenerative condition is as a result of deficiency condition or as a result of bad feeding or eating habit, KEDI products and its adapthogenic nature and influence on our body is second to none.
The ranges of conditions which KEDI Natural Health Supplement can treat are carefully documented in this Website. The testimonies of its users in all different states in Nigeria are a real testimony to the efficacy of these products.
For the woman, KEDI Golden six, Reishi and Golden Hypha are the products to be taken. These products are very effective in removing any blockages in the fallopian tubes and also in the successful wearing away of Fibroid in the womb. These products also help in the balancing of the body yin and yang thereby allowing the regulation of the female hormonal system. For the male, KEDI Vigor Essential, Revive and Reishi, ensures production of virile spermatozoa, increase sexual performance and stamina and equally detoxify the male genital organs. Testimonies abound in KEDI products efficacy in the treatment of impotence and infertility.
KEDI Magilim is the sure answer. After taking about 4 to 6 packs of the plastic bottle, you will loose enough fats and weight and definitely get back to a desired shape.
KEDI Multi-level Marketing business is the most stress-free MLM Business i have ever seen. With KEDI business, your financial future is secured. This is the business that will give you freedom of time and uninterrupted money supply based on the effort you put in place to share the opportunity with others. The present economic crisis in the word is not the portion of every KEDI distributor who is serious with what he or she is doing. I want to tell you that corporate employment is not secure. In KEDI business you are your own boss. KEDI business gives you the opportunity to start with a low investment capital $15 (N2,200) for registration and a once off or piece meal purchase of product worth $250 (N39,500). This is an opportunity to record high income (bonus) every month for life which can grow to the turn of $4000 - $100,000 depending on how you build your network. It is an opportunity to elevate everyone around you. It is a fact worldwide, that employees rarely achieve financial freedom because there is a limit that you can hope to earn no matter your field of professionalism when you are not directly your own boss.
Chinese traditional Medicine is not meant for only Chinese. Chinese natural products can be used by people of any age across cultural constitution all over the continents of the world. The human body physiology and anatomy is the same among white and black races all over the world. God has created herbs for the use of men and women all over the world. The great books of religion, Chinese herbal pharmacopoeia and other written Natural Herbal Supplements books all testify to this.
Traditional Chinese Medicine is one of the great herbal system and non herbal system like acupuncture in the world with an unbroken tradition going back the 3rd Century B.C. Chinese Herbal Medicine alongside with other components of Chinese Traditional Medicine, is based on the concepts of Yin and Yang. Its aim is to understand and treat the many ways in which the fundamental balance and harmony between the two may be undetermined and the ways in which a person's Qi or Vitality may be depleted or blocked.
Anti-oxidants are substances that inhibits oxidation or inhibits reactions promoted by free radicals such as proxides and superoxides. Range of KEDI Anti-oxidants products are : Maglim, Reishi, Cordy Active etc.
The answer is simply NO. There is no limit for you to make your star 3 distributor consultant purchase. Actually fingers are not equal, there are some that can purchase $250 woth of products once off while some will have to be buying it little product at a time till they will be able to accumulate the $250 worth of product. If you can buy it once the better, but piecemeal, there is no penalty. The only difference is that someone who purchases his/her 3 star product once, stands the advantage of enjoying 20% direct bonus whereas someone who purchases just star 2 product will only enjoy 5% direct bonus on his/her down lines who only not accumulated their product to star 3 product. Note - Your benefit will always be your benefits. This is the reason why KEDI network is far better. Your cumulative business volume (BV) is always yours for life, it is not lost like what happens in some network.
KEDI products are natural herbal health supplements and they are marketed under Multi-Level Marketing Strategy. You do not need to be a trained health officer of proffessional to recommend the products. This web page is a sure guide to aid you in recommending the product to your customers or clients. When you properly follow the information in this web page and the booklet that KEDI gives to you at your registration, you are sure of high patronage. These materials will turn you in no time, to a natural doctor in practice because of the awesome product testimonies you will be receiving.
Every good Multi-Level Marketing is software based. This is a computer program for proper documentation. So everything that happens in your network including your registration and product purchase and that of your team members are properly documented every month. So on monthly basis, you can demand your monthly team performance, genealogy or print out from KEDI Head Office at Lagos or you request the assistance of the store where you used to buy your products from, to help you get it from the head office with a token charge per page. From your print out, you can calculate your bonus to be very sure and also with your print out, you will determine your status, your whole purchase for that month and your total cumulative. This print out will help you to know which leg is strong and which is weak and how to help them grow.
The one month silent period affects those who are crossing from seven star status to Eight star status. This is essentially a KEDI one month waiting period before one's status is confirmed. This principle does not affect those in lower status such as Two star status, Three star status, Four star status, Five star status and Six star status.
There are different ways by which you can market the business plan and products to the public. First and foremost, you must understand the marketing plan very well and then understand the functions of each product very well. Print flyers on the KEDI marketing plan and KEDI products functions. Distribute the flyers far and near with your personalised phone numbers and contact address on it. Organise regular seminars and share powerful multi-level marketing strategies with them. At the seminar, educate the old members to go to the basics. Tell them that it is not the time to go to sleep. It is time to rekindle their first fire and zeal. Tell them that they should dream again and encourage them to do more. Try as much as possible to revive your network. As you bring new members in, also don't forget to place your eyes, ear and mouth on the old members. Train and make use of electronic and internet opportunity to further your business.
We shall answer the question above with the explanation below. KEDI network marketing is very interesting. Your success in this network is not limited to the effort or activity of your direct down lines or networks. From the chart above , you will discover that it is only one of the direct Seven (7) star consultant while the remaining two legs are 5 star and 2 star consultant. You will discover that the Second Seven (7) star consultant comes up from fourth generation under you in the five (5) star consultant third generation network. So also, the third direct leg is two (2) star consultant and third Seven (7) star spring up. Even if one has a row of dormant distributors even up to 5, 6, 7, 8th generations, immediately an active Seven (7) star consultant springs up in 9th generation, it will be counted as if it is a direct leg for the making up of your 8 star distributor consultant.
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